Bee’s Inn New Zealand UMF Manuka Honey Experience

I’ll share my experience for the Bee’s Inn manuka honey, which is licensed UMF. I’ve been using the Manuka Doctor 24+ Bio Active Manuka Honey for the past couple months daily, which I have shared my experience before at another post, and wanted to give a try to another brand to see the difference between Bio-Active and UMF manuka honey.

With the signs of spring coming to our door, I and my wife started suffering from dry throat, which has never been to me before. It feels like my throat dries out completely and I can’t breathe or even gulp. Especially, during the night time and sleeping this feeling makes you feel like you’ll never going to be able to breathe again. Believe me, it is a terrible feeling. At first, I thought that I’m having a sore throat and then I realized that this is something different… And I decided to give a try to a real UMF honey and ordered Bee’s Inn 15+ UMF from Amazon, which was delivered the same day. I really like the same day delivery option of Amazon, especially for these kinds of special products that you can not find from your local grocery store within a couple minutes of reach.



Actually, I was really wondering what would be the difference between the bioactive and of honey. Forst sight, the color is darker than bioactive one. Also, Bee’s Inn is thicker and even if you stick the spoon it may stay like that for a while. The taste is stronger and more bitter than Manuka Doctor.


At first try, I started increasing my daily manuka honey support from one teaspoon in the mornings to couple times a day with Bee’s Inn UMF Manuka Honey for my dry throat issue. I really didn’t feel a big difference at the beginning other than the bitter taste that the hones have left in my mouth after each teaspoon I have taken. It is a kind of weird taste that’s remaining, hard to explain but not too bad. Actually, the sugary taste that you get at first starts disappearing and bitter takes the place.

After 3 days of boosted UMF honey support, I was feeling better regarding my throat. Again, it is something hard to say that Manuka healed me totally as I have no evidence of a scientific explanation behind it but I like the fact that my discomfort from dry throat has totally gone.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can order your Manuka Doctor Bio Active Manuka Honey from Bee’s Inn Manuka Honey. Also, please don’t forget to have a quick look at my Manuka Honey Prices page for a detailed comparison of UMF rated Manuka honey.