Manuka Essential Oil Benefits

Besides the benefits of Manuka as honey, it has also recently been popular to get the benefits of Manuka as an essential oil in aromatherapy. Manuka tree has been offering its miracle useful oil which has been extracted from its seeds, leaves, and branches like many other essential oils used in aromatherapy and been used for treating a wide range of complaints from skin disorders to acne. Noting some saying that Manuka Oil is about thirty-three times effective and stronger than regular tree oils for some bacteria types, it sounds like it is as beneficiary as its honey version!


Just like Manuka honey, Manuka oil is also not produced by a lot of companies and most of them are based in New Zealand, where the miraculous Manuka tree grows.

Let’s have a quick look at the Top 5 Benefits of Manuka Essential Oil:


Supports decreasing the growing potential of bacteria in the body that causes colon, urinary and respiratory tracts infections.


Besides its antibacterial benefits, Manuka oil is also counted with its strong antifungal effectiveness.


If you have experienced digestive system problems or got complaints from respiratory tracts because of the last cold you had then it worth to give it a try to this essential oil for clearing the inflammation.


Every woman wants a healthy looking and moisturized skin. And with Manuka Oil, you can say goodbye to the old dry skin days of your life. Like many other oils, Manuka oil helps to moisturize your skin by making it stay hydrated and soft. It also protects skin from dryness and helps to balance of skin bacteria.

Stress Relief

If the daily routine of your life makes you stressed and when it is time for you to relax then Manuka Oil aromatherapy will be helpful to recover your mood just by adding it to your bath with relaxing music. Manuka oil will give you a calm and relax mood by lowering your stress, anxiety and daily disturbances of your life.

Having discussed the benefits of Manuka essential oil, let’s have a look at some brands that we found on Amazon, which are not so expensive but %100 Manuka at the same time:

Besides all of the benefits listed above, what we always say and recommend is none of the above are clinically approved and we strongly advise asking your dermatologist or doctor about how to use it and make sure it will not have any side effects to your body or skin.