Manuka Oil and Honey Acne Treatment

With its antibacterial properties, Manuka oil is great for cleaning your skin and preventing the growth of bacteria, which the bacteria may end with unwanted results like acne.


When Manuka honey and oil are mixed as an acne product, the end result is a strong treatment with the natural healing properties of the miraculous Manuka that supports healing and recovering your skin back to its normal condition.

If you are suffering from oily and large pored skin with acne problems and already have tried a lot of products without any result why don’t you give a chance to nature’s gift from New Zealand trees?

Hit the Target!

As you already been suffering from oily skin you should be cautious about the application of essential oils like Manuka oil directly to your face. Generally speaking, you should always seek dermatologist advice before applying any kind of oil or cream.

A common way of Manuka oil application is spot treatment, which should always be used as diluted. A couple drops of Manuka oil to 2-3 ounces of water and then apply it to the spots that you have been struggling with.

Acne Face Mask

Besides hitting the target with a spot treatment as mentioned above, you can apply the thinned out oil as a face mask. As always, we highly recommend applying a small amount to a localized part of your skin for testing before applying all over your face.

Likewise, Manuka oil treatment methods listed above, Manuka honey is also applied as spot and face mask treatments for acne. For moderate acne problems, spot treatment overnight may be brought down within a couple of days, which may take a little longer for severe acne problems.

Applying Manuka honey as a face mask 1-2 times a week will make a calm and highly moisturized skin at the end. And the good part is if you inadvertently eat it, it will be tasteful J

Besides all, Manuka application will make your skin look smooth and fresh as it has never looked before.

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