Manuka Oil for Hair

Manuka oil is a gift from nature to us especially with the miraculous healing properties of the skin. Another good news is that it is one of the best natural healers of the itchy scalp. If you have dry and damaged hair and looking for a natural way of hydrating and replenishing your hair, then Manuka oil will be your best source after reading this article.


Generally, Manuka oil is known for the following benefits to the hair:

Cleanser: If you are suffering from bacterial or fungal infections, Manuka oil can be the right word for you with its cleaning properties.

Healthy Hair: Who doesn’t want a healthy looking soft and shiny hair? With the help of couple Manuka essential oil drops, this dream has no longer necessarily have to be at the commercials only.

Hair Loss: Looking for something that can help to prevent hair loss both for men and women? Here it is! Manuka oil is used also for hair loss treatment. For sure, it will not immediately stop or prevent the hair loss problem by itself but with the help of other several extracts like jojoba, coconut oil or olive oil it may be the right step for your hair loss problem.

Dandruff: It’s not snowing outside and it looks like you’ve been struggling with finding the right product for your dandruff problems. Besides many other treatment oils on the market, Manuka oil is highly effective on scalp problems that end with dandruff.

Having a quick look at the product on the market, we found the following Manuka honey and oil active ingredient products with almost five-star reviews:

Manuka Oil Application for Hair Treatment

Some of the products on the market can be applied directly to the scalp and massaged. Just leave it for five minutes or in case of a damaged or longer hair you can keep this longer as needed. After all, you can shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

If you need a longer but more effective treatment of Manuka essential oil to the damaged hair, then it can be applied all over hair by using fingertips is a massaging way and wrap a warm towel and leave it for couple hours.

Another way of using Manuka oil is to apply only a few drops as needed to the conditioner for a shiny looking hair.