The Best Manuka Honey Brands of 2020 – Buying Guide

Usually, most grocery stores don’t carry the best Manuka honey brands. They are considered an object of specialty. Manuka is nothing like that honey that you have grown up eating. It does not come in a bottle in a bear-shaped form. What makes this so special is its potent healing properties.

It is not consumed by people who love Manuka honey because of the sweet flavor — that’s a bonus. It is common because it contains antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Additionally, Manuka honey can be applied topically to benefit skin healing.

That sort of honey is not just for smearing on bread (tip: for a healthy breakfast, we make our own bread then add sliced apples on top of the honey). It’s more than just a sweet tea, too. Manuka is very polyvalent. It can be taken in, applied to wounds, or used for treating acne.

10 Best Manuka Honey Brand Reviews

Maybe a struggle to find genuine Manuka honey. In New Zealand, authentic Manuka is traditionally grown and packed. It is the Manuka plant ‘s natural root and is the plant that pollinates honeybees.

Manuka is also the most potent when it is unpasteurized and raw. Otherwise, heating can kill some of its mighty healing properties.

Lastly, Manuka should get some kind of certification or ranking. The Norm is Special Manuka Element (UMF). Certain rating systems, however, also assign Manuka a grade based on the level of antibacterial properties present. Here’s what we’ve found and recommended based on our extensive reviews.

Manukora UMF 20+/MGO 830+ Raw Mānuka Honey

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This Manukora 8.8-ounce jar is a top-quality manuka, honey. Given its quality, authenticity, and potency, it’s the premium price is justified.

If you ‘re looking for a top of the line honey, Manuka is a great choice. This raw honey has a strong flavor profile and is dark. It can be used in smoothies, recipes, and teas.

It can also be applied topically to wounds and used in the skincare routine. It is the most effective in terms of antibacterial properties, which have many health benefits to it.

  • UMF 20+ certified and MGO 830+ certified
  • Authentic raw Manuka honey from New Zealand
  • Natural, non-GMO, and traceable from hive to hand

  • Premium price
  • The flavor may be too bold for some.

Comvita Certified UMF 15+ (MGO 514+) Raw Manuka Honey

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Comvita is New Zealand ‘s top manuka honey brand. They have been doing beekeeping for over 45 years.

Their Manuka Premium includes 8.8 ounces per glass. Unlike several other brands that do pasteurize their honey, Comvita’s Manuka is raw and unpasteurized. So you get to experience the health benefits of raw, untouched Manuka.

This manuka can be added to your tea, toast, yogurt, or other balanced recettes. It is also convenient to have a spoonful as a normal source of strength before a work-out. It can be used for your beauty routine, too. Its antibacterial properties make a superb face mask for DIY.

  • UMF 15+ certified
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Halal, and Kosher certified
  • Traceable to New Zealand forests

  • Premium price
  • The taste may be too strong for some
  • Quantity may be less than labeled per some purchasers

WildCape UMF 15+ East Cape Manuka Honey, 250g

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WildCape is UMF approved, much like other top Manuka brands. Their honey gets a UMF ranking of 15 +. What distinguishes WildCape is they derive their honey from a single source.

You can rest easy when you buy from WildCape knowing all 8.8-ounce BPA-free jars came from the same location. Other brands of Manuka can blend their honey from many different origins. This process of blending can affect honey’s flavor, texture, and efficacy.

Another quality is the flavor profile. This manuka honey is less bitter and milder than other brands but still retains its strength.

This honey is used as a natural sweetener in teas, smoothies, and hot water. It is used by many as an ingredient in their cooking or in their desserts and breakfasts. Its warm, sweet taste adds intensity to every meal or drink.

  • UMF 15+ certification confirms its antibacterial properties
  • Made with ethical harvesting practices
  • Single-source origin preserves efficacy and flavor

  • The mild flavor profile may not appeal to some
  • Less thick than other brands
  • The jar is BPA-free plastic, but not more environmentally friendly glass

Happy Valley Certified UMF 15+ (MGO 514+) Genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey

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Each batch of regular manuka honey UMF 15 + from Happy Valley is tested individually by an independent laboratory to validate the UMF. We also publish their findings from the laboratory so you can rest easy knowing that the consistency and purity of the honey are as specified on the bottle.

There are a lot of honey products on the market that make a lot of claims (including being authentic Manuka when they are inauthentic. But Happy Valley Honey goes the extra mile with evidence to back up all the arguments. This protects both yourselves and them.

Each jar contains 8.8 ounces of genuine Manuka honey. While this is a premium product, it is still competitively priced. Its amber color and distinct flavor containing caramel notes leave in your mouth a pleasant aftertaste.

  • Certified UMF 15+ rating
  • Independently tested
  • 6-point quality system

  • Some users are not fond of the taste
  • A few purchasers mention poor packaging issues upon delivery

PRI Manuka Honey 20+ 1.1lbs.

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True Manuka must be grown and packaged in New Zealand because that is where the Manuka plant is grown, native. Unfortunately, because of the high costs of international shipping, American honey shoppers have to pay a premium price.

Pacific Resources International (PRI) is luckily an American distributor of Manuka honey from New Zealand. They can bring honey from New Zealand all the way, at affordable prices.

A Manuka honey jar standard size is 8.8 ounces or 250 grams. In a single jar, PRI Manuka contains 1.1 pounds.

  • Over 1 pound of Manuka honey at an affordable price
  • Packed and manufactured in New Zealand
  • Raw, Kosher-certified, and sourced from the Manuka plant

  • Not UMF certified
  • The mild flavor may not appeal to some

Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey KFactor 16+

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly Manuka, Wedderspoon is a perfect pick. Its product is raw, unpasteurized, and made in New Zealand.

Because of its inherent health properties, Wedderspoon finds their honey to be a superfood. I always pay careful attention to their product’s creamy texture and smooth taste. Some honey has a gritty feel or a disagreeable taste.

Honey with manuka should be as normal as possible. Wedderspoon honey is 100 percent all-natural and free of harmful chemicals (antibiotics, pesticides, glyphosate, etc.)

  • KFactor score of 16
  • BPA-free jar is free of harmful chemicals
  • All-natural, non-GMO, Kosher, and Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified

  • Lacks UMF certification
  • Honey contains pollen from non-manuka plants

Manuka Honey Buyer’s Guide

There are a few qualities that make honey for good Manuka. Second, it’ll either come from New Zealand or from Australia. Second, a successful Manuka can get a ranking or qualification through a reliable grading system.

Often, the best Manuka honey varies according to how you want to use it. The right Manuka for you should have more antibacterial properties for medicinal purposes. The higher potency indicates this. Using Manuka as a sweetener will lower the potency.

Manuka honey is expected to be genuine, high quality, and made by a trusted manufacturer. Thankfully for you, we did the work.

How to Select a Manuka Honey?

Until you pay a high price for poor quality honey there are a few things you need to know. Because Manuka has many health benefits to it, investing in a quality product is especially important. Here are the factors that come into play when determining if your time and money are worth a Manuka product.

Country of Origin

Manuka honey is produced when the Manuka flowers are pollinated by honeybees. Those flowers are New Zealand-born. And the most authentic honey of Manuka comes from there. Manuka can however be manufactured anywhere the Manuka plant is grown. Most of the honey we’ve seen are from New Zealand, but some are from Australia.

New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand is Manuka honey’s # 1 Producer. Some Manuka certifications also allow the honey from New Zealand to be 100 percent. Since Manuka flowers grow naturally there, it makes the most sense that Manuka is produced in this country.

It is a good sign when Manuka is from New Zealand. So, if you can, try to get your honey from New Zealand. One close second is Australian Manuka. The Manuka plant is called “Tea Tree” in Australia so Australian manufacturers could label their Manuka as “Tea Tree Honey.”

Grading Systems

One of the most important factors when selecting Manuka and determining whether it is of high quality is whether it has been certified or graded or not.

Manuka honey rating systems in sunscreen are like SPF — the higher the SPF, the higher the antioxidant properties. The higher the degree (within all grading systems) in Manuka honey, the higher the price, potency, and likeliness of experiencing health benefits.


UMF is a Special Manuka Factor Honey Association rating system. This is considered the best method for rating medicinal products. This tests the number of antibacterial compounds that are found in Manuka honey.

If you are trying to get health benefits from using Manuka, find a honey with a high UMF score. The UMF grades usually range from 5 + to 20 +. When you plan to use Manuka for medicinal purposes, you will strive for UMF 15 + or greater.


MGO stands for Methylglyoxal which is Manuka honey’s most active ingredient. This compound gives the Manuka its powerful ability to heal. Some honey will have both a grade of UMF and MGO while some will have one grade or the other.

Manuka honey rated to UMF is held to a higher standard. An MGO score is acceptable though as it grades the honey’s medicinal quality. When you are using MGO grades on your Manuka brand, look for MGO 500 or higher.


Everyone’s probably had honey in their lives at some point. But a lot of people didn’t have Manuka honey. You’ll probably never go back to regular honey once you’ve tried it. The sweetness plus all the health benefits can make it a winning mix!

Your best bet when you’re looking for top-quality Manuka honey is getting one from New Zealand because that’s where the Manuka flora comes from. New Zealand is merely the home of genuine Manuka honey. Yes, Australia makes fine Manuka honey, but authentic Manuka comes from New Zealand.

Our top choice — Manukora Raw Manuka Honey — is worth the premium price if you intend to use Manuka honey for its health benefits. Think of it as having to invest in your wellbeing. This Manuka has the highest rating that we saw: UMF 20 +. We also like that this honey is UMF Association approved.

Find our budget pick by Wedderspoon if you want to experience the positive effects of using Manuka honey at a more affordable price. This is a commodity of high quality, at a fair cost. It also has a 16 KFactor score, meaning that at least 75 percent of this honey comes from the Manuka plant. BioActive Manuka Honey is also a cost-effective alternative where you get over 1 pound of real New Zealand Manuka.

We hope you will have all the information you need to select the best Manuka honey so you can start experiencing the benefits immediately after reading our detailed Manuka honey brand reviews and comprehensive buy guide.

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