The Top 5 Best Manuka Honey Brands

Manuka honey is unique honey native to New Zealand recently becoming globally popularity for its natural healing properties. There are plenty of anecdotal evidence and success stories on the use of Manuka Honey. It helps digestive disorders, ulcers, leg ulcers and a host of others. There are a lot of different Manuka honey brands on the market and the truth is that trying to find the best Manuka honey can be a challenge. It in recent years, there has been a lot of controversies over honey that claim to be “real” Manuka with active anti-bacterial properties however most of them have been found out to be fake. Here is a list of our top five for you to consider when buying the Manuka honey:

The Tahi brand

Tahi Manuka Honey is our number one choice of UMF Manuka honey. With Tahi Manuka Honey, all of the honey is not taken from the hive but some honey is left for the bees. Without this practice, the bees may not have the nutrients needed to maintain good health during the winter months. Some companies take all of the honey and leave sugar water for the bees, ridding them of the nutrients they need to thrive. The taste of the Tahi manuka honey is also loved and the fact that a high heat seal is used on the jars, which will, in turn, preserve the raw goodness of the honey, is remarkable.

The Comvita Manuka brand

The Comvita Manuka Honey is a brand that conforms to UMF standards and it is made from the manuka plant in New Zealand. It is obtained from a remote and contamination-free forest for extra benefits. This honey is good to sustain good digestive health, and also to support the respiratory system. It’s excellent for people who have colds and coughs, as it can relieve a sore throat. The bottle is black with a white cap and a black and red label. The Comvita Manuka Honey is the only brand of five tested by Britain’s Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) that had anti-bacterial properties that matched the numbers on its label.

The Wild Cape brand

This honey brand is gotten from the Wild Cape of North Island, in New Zealand. This place has the advantage of bees that produce honey that is sweeter and milder than another brand of Manuka honey in New Zealand. It comes in a dark plastic bottle with a white lid and a colorful label. The Wild Cape honey is ethically collected. After the honey has been taken out, the wax comb is left in place so that the bees can use it again.

This honey brand and the container are also certified to be BPA-free. It’s made of a PET bottle, fixed to strict FDA standards, and one that has been recycled to lessen waste in the landfills.

The Happy Valley Manuka brand

Happy Valley was founded in 1975, New Zealand. It is 100% and it is a pure NZ independently tested Manuka honey that contains great levels of special chemical markers not seen in other honey brands. Happy Valley’s UMF range is honey that tests with a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) of 15+ or higher. With Happy Valley, what you get is the best that nature has to offer as it is known to have very little human influence on it.

The Kiva RAW

This brand of the Manuka honey has been freely verified and graded to be at least UMF 20+, to ensure active antibacterial properties all through. It is wonderful for curing sore throats, colds, and providing more energy for improved overall health. The Kiva RAW Manuka honey is collected from the faraway and pristine hills, forest, and coastal areas of New Zealand.