What Are The Best Beehive Feeders You Can Buy Online

Our beehive top feeder range includes various frame top feeders for beehives in two different sizes. Every frame top feeder can accommodate various gallons of syrup, and our improved design helps keep the bees under the screen while the one-piece structure prevents any leakage. Many different features of our frame top feeders include the ability to fill the feeder without opening the hive and help hold the bees under the screen.

They also suit most standard 10 and 8 frames depending on the top feeder frame you pick. See how our revolutionary beehive top feeder concept will improve your beekeeping operation and make it easier to take care of your bees.

What is Beehive?

A beehive is an enclosed system in which some of the honey bees of the subgenus Apis live and collect their young. While the term beehive is widely used to describe the nest of every bee colony, science and technical literature separates the nest from the hive.

The nest is used to discuss colonies that are located in natural or artificial cavities or are hung and exposed. Hive is used to identify the artificial/man-made construction of a honey beehive. Several species of Apis live in colonies, but western honey bees and eastern honey bees are the key species kept in hives for the production of honey.

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Why Use Beehive Feeders?

The entire purpose of a feeder is to give our bees a very concentrated helping hand, with the intention of encouraging them to take care of themselves at all other times. The natural opportunities available to bees by foraging are much more suited to their needs than anything we can give them.

Our top picks for you

1. Mikimiqi 2 Pack Beehive Beekeeping

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How to Use:

  • Fill the transparent bottle with water.
  • Cover the yellow pad and leave a gap of about 2-3mm.
  • Pour the bottle up and let the water flow into the yellow pad.


  • Special Bees water feeder equipment is made of plastic, durable and lightweight, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, easy to clean, protect bees from dying, and prolongs their life cycle.
  • The bee drinking nest is very easy to observe how much water stays and to prepare accordingly without upsetting your bees.
  • Water feeder equipment for special feed tools for bees, simple to run. After the installation in seconds, put the bee water in the right place, so that the bees automatically find water to provide more convenience.
  • Beehive feeder for spring build-up or season, beekeeping, bee feeder. This bee feeder could slip water automatically saving the apiary farmer time and energy.
  • Package includes – 2 X Beekeeping Entrance Feeders

2. Mama Bee’s Homestead 4 Pack Bee Feeders

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  • Simply twist our bee feeder lid onto the mason jar, add the foundation, and leave it upside down. The bee feeder jar lid provides a vacuum that automatically stops sudden dripping which allows continuous feeding.
  • Our bee water feeder works well with 5-frame, 8-frame, 10-frame Langstroth, flow, nucleus, and top bar hives. The metal lid matches every 2 3⁄4 inch pot. Efficient as an entrance feeder for a bee or a beehive feeder for the top feeder.
  • This feeder helps you to quickly track your bees and create effective feed plans. In comparison to the top feeder insert, you can observe the amount of food remaining and refill it without opening the hive.

3. KEILEOHO Bee Feeder

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KEILEOHO is committed to the manufacturing and processing of quality bee feeders with specialized technologies and facilities, making it easy for you to feed your bees and extract more honey. The honesty, power, and consistency of KEILEOHO’s products have been recognized by many and are very popular with customers.


  • The bee water feeder is made of high-quality plastic and metal lid, solid, robust, long service life, reusable, very suitable for skilled beekeepers or beginners to feed syrup or water to bees.
  • Every beehive feeder is fitted with a sturdy metal lid to make feeding easier. You just place the plastic or glass container on your lid, tighten it, and then turn it upside down to finish the installation quickly.
  • The vacuum pressure in the enclosed container stops the syrup from dripping easily, which is very practical and convenient.
  • The unique design makes it very simple to track and control the remaining syrup so that you can substitute syrup or feed as appropriate. You can conveniently position the beehive feeder at the entrance of the hive without opening the hive without disrupting the bees.
  • The detachable honey bee feeder is easy to clean, ideal for most jars, and can be a great benefit to bees when supplies are inadequate.
  • It is the best alternative for all forms of beekeeping, beekeeping, experienced beekeepers, and beginners, and will save time and energy for beekeepers.

4. PINVNBY Beehive Beekeeping

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  • Cup diameter of around 7cm/2.76 in,100 percent brand new and high quality.This bee feeder could slip water automatically saving the beekeeping farmer time and resources.
  • Water feeder made of plastic, durable and lightweight material. Simple to use and clean.Safe, non-toxic, longevity, necessary and functional tool for beekeeping.
  • The water feeder cup material is clear plastic so that it is very easy to observe how much water stays and prepare accordingly without upsetting your bees.
  • Water feeder equipment for special feed tools for bees, simple to run. After the installation in seconds and placing the bee water in the right spot, the Bee Entrance feeder for spring build-up or season, the beekeeping, the bee feeder.

5. Little Giant Beehive Entrance Feeder

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  • Using this syrup feeder to keep the honey bees fed while there are insufficient nectar supplies outside. This is a perfect choice, whether you’re an inexperienced backyard beekeeper or an experienced bee farmer.
  • This plastic feeder fits directly into your hive’s front entrance. Built to suit our Little Giant 10-Frame Full Hive into the wide opening of the entrance reducer.
  • The expanded tray makes feed more available inside the hive, and the feeder makes it easier for the bees to come and go when feeding them with clear syrup while natural food stocks are limited.
  • The easy-to-clean base is made of high-impact plastic and the glass feed jar allows the keeper to see the feed levels without upsetting the bees as they harvest honey, making it a perfect feeder for beekeeping.
  • The 1-quart jar provides a generous amount of syrup for the bees. The entire feeder measures: L 6.5” x W 4” x H 7.375”.

6. Massimiliano Incas 2 Pack Beehive Beekeeping

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  • Package list: 2 bee drinkers, 1 spatula, 4 bee needles, all products are made of high quality materials.
  • High quality: special water supplies for bees are made of plastic that is durable, light, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, easy to clean, protects bees from dying, and prolongs the life of bees.
  • Place the bee drinker with water or granulated sugar at the entrance to the hive, so that the bees can reach it and drink water quickly.
  • A broad variety of uses: apiculture devices can be found in beekeeping areas, backyards, parks, and other apiculture sites, which really saves time and encourages apiculture.

7. Boardman Entrance Feeder

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These long-lasting Boardman feeders are the best addition to your beehive. Important for helping to create new colonies and helping to ensure that the colony survives the winter, these feeders are easy to set up, mount and track. What you need is a basic syrup, a regular mason jar. The glass jar makes it easier to track the amount of food without disrupting the bees.


  • Helps bee colonies survive the winter when food is scarce.
  • All you need is a standard mason jar and simple syrup.
  • Simply insert the feeder into the front of the hive. Works best with Langstroth or Warre-style hives.
  • External glass jar eliminates the need to open the hive to check on a food level.

8. Front Entrance Honey Bee Feeder

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  • A 2-pack of the most common form of plastic bee feeder for beekeepers; makes it easy for the beekeeper to feed water or sugar syrup, an important part of your supplies. Suits most Langstroth bottom boards like Mann Pool, Flow Hive, Honey Keeper, Dadant, and almost every other apiary supplier.
  • Save time by putting 2 feeders at the entrance of one hive for twice as much food with half the effort; save money by using your own jars and pairing them with the lids used.
  • Often known as an entrance feeder or front feeder, it can be used at the entrance of most beekeeping equipment vendors or inside the hive as a top feeder; each plastic feeder base and lid measures 5.5″ long, 3.25″ wide, and 7/8″ thick.
  • Hive feeders operate by screwing the filled, typical smallmouth style jar onto the included lid and inverting the tray while the vacuum pressure in the jar prevents the syrup from leaking out of the holes. Not all jars are made the same, so you can measure the lid until several jars have a strong seal.
  • It’s easy to use and beginner beekeeper friendly as you can quickly track the syrup levels from the outside of the beehive; the optional and reusable snap-in bottom makes it easier to clean and remove the container cap.

9. Swess Bee Rapid Feeder

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  • The bee quick feeder can guide bees to quickly find the water source.
  • The beehive drinking bowl is made of high-quality plastic, can be reused many times after cleaning.
  • Place the beehive water dispenser on the hole of the crown plate, and cover it with an empty top and top cover, you can easily refill the water without removing or disturbing the hive.
  • The bee fast feeder consists of a yellow plastic base, a plastic inner cover, and a plastic upper cover.
  • Rugged and reusable.
  • Suitable for medium (shallow) 5,8 or 10 frames of super pulp.

10. GENWICK Round Hive Top

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  • The circular bee feeder is easy to fill without upsetting the bees and can comfortably accommodate up to half a gallon of sugar water, which is not too hard on the hip frames.
  • The Hive Top Rapid Bee Feeder sits on top of 8 frames and 10 frame beehives.
  • It has a space-saving configuration with a width of around 10 inches and a depth of 2 inches, which is simple to fit on the top of the inner cover, and the bottom door inserts over a 2-inch central beehive opening.
  • The transparent cap is made of tough, high-quality plastic that does not break under pressure.

What are the different types of Beehive Feeders?

There are different types of beehive feeders, and beekeepers are at liberty the most suited to their particular needs. It should also be remembered that it is by the use of bee feeders that beekeepers can prescribe medications to their bees by combining the medication with the sugar syrup.

1. The beehive entrance feeder

The beehive entrance feeder

There are different types of beehive feeders, and The beehive feeder, also referred to as the Boardman feeder, is the most common bee feeder. It consists of a little container, a sugar syrup, which is placed upside down at the base right at the entrance to the hive. The benefit of this kind of bee feeder is that it is inexpensive and easy to use. Any of the beehive kits typically come with this kind of feeder. are at liberty the most suited to their particular needs. It should also be remembered that it is by the use of bee feeders that beekeepers can prescribe medications to their bees by combining the medication with the sugar syrup.

2. The honey bee board feeder

The honey bee board feeder

The baby bee feeder is sometimes referred to as the sugar feeder. These are normally spare inner covers of the beehive, which are turned into sugar panes. Honey bee board feeders are best used during the winter season. They even work well in the spring season, similar to the bee feeder.

3. The hive top feeder

The hive top feeder

The top feeder of the hive, as the name implies, is mounted on the top of the hive. It provides many benefits, in fact, it can store a lot of feed for the bees in order to minimize the number of times that the beekeeper would need to refill it, as is the case with the feeder form of the entry.



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Other Types of Bee Feeders

  • Open Air Feeders – This kind of feeder is fairly self-explanatory. The feeders are literally put in the open. However, this sort of feeder is not recommended because it may attract unwelcome tourists. Many other insects, such as wasps, skunks, chickens, and raccoons, may take advantage of this feeder and steal the food you meant for your bees. Because of this, there is a high likelihood that food may be polluted with diseases due to the rodents and bacteria that these invaders bear.
  • Entrance Feeders – This form of the feeder is undoubtedly the most common with beekeepers and backyard hobbyists. They’re made up of two compartments. The first one is the feeding tray, which is placed into the entrance of the hive, thus the term. The second is a syrup bottle, usually a clear glass pot, which is locked in the base of the feeder but stays outside the hive. This is popular with beekeepers because it’s easy to refill, and you don’t have to continually open the hive and annoy the bees just to check the sugar levels. The main downside of these feeders, though, is during the winter. Owing to cold temperatures, it is possible that the sugar syrup or solvent will finally freeze, leaving the bees worthless as a food supply.
  • Frame Bee Feeders – This type of feeder is usually made of plastic and has the same size as the brood frame, which then serves as its substitute. In reality, a division board is introduced into the hive. This is the sort of division board feeder used by beekeepers who prevent their bees from stealing from each other. One of their benefits is their ability to store a huge volume of sugar syrup or honey, which, on the other hand, also ensures that it takes longer to refill.
  • Internal Hive Top Feeders – This sort of feeder is positioned at the top of the brood boxes and matched with the hole in the inner cover. They store a large amount of sugar syrup and are easy to be refilled. They are also immune from attack since they are well positioned on top of the hive where only the bees can reach it.
  • External Hive Top Feeders – This type of feeder is often mounted on top of the hive, but as opposed to the internal hive feeder, it is reversed over the entry hole in the inner cover. Unlike internal feeders, you need to cover this sort of feeder so animals or strong winds could dislodge or move the jar.
  • Baggie Feeders – This is a really easy form of feeder because it’s just a spacer rim where you can put your plastic zipper bag containing the syrup you expect to feed the bees. If you’ve correctly put the sugar bag in the slit, you should break it open and the syrup will come out.

Final Thoughts

Bees need to be fed at periods where they do not have access to food sources or when seasons actually do not benefit them. If they are left to live on their own, they will suffer from starvation. There are various ways for beekeepers to feed the bees, including the use of the beehive feeder, the honey bee feeder, and the hive feeder.