Why Go for Raw Organic Honey and its Benefits?

Did you ever wonder how Great Your Honey is?

You ‘d think it’s probably a pretty easy operation. Bees gather pollen, then they regurgitate it in the form of nectar that farmers gather and sell it to you.

But what if we told you most store-bought honey is cooked, distilled, processed, and filled with extra ingredients?

Well, that’s modern-day honey’s reality. The type you buy at dirt-cheap rates in the major supermarket chains.

And while the industrialization of food has given us a host of advantages, the question should be asked: Do you buy natural organic honey or refined honey?

On the one hand, processed honey is cheap, and some find the benefits to health to be limited. Yet will the economic gains make up for the losses to health?

What Is Raw Organic Honey?

Let’s just start from the start.

Honey has been eaten for centuries by humans. Some guy went up to a beehive for some purpose a long time ago and wanted to snatch the sticky golden slime that the bees were making and storing.

We don’t know what this guy was inspired by, but we’re glad he did.

A soft and gooey material that we now call honey was the perfect reward for this endeavor.

That is authentic, organic, sweetheart. It is untreated because it has not been pasteurized or refined. It is organic because the flowers from which the bees took the pollen were not cultivated using pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals.

Honey has been turned easily into today, to signify something else entirely.

The refined honey sector took care of the entire ecosystem.
In regulated environments flowers, bees, and hives are grown, often using pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals.

But this is not stopping there. The honey is heated for 30 minutes once collected, known as pasteurization, destroying all the yeast cells, plus a bunch of essential enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, and helpful compounds.

Then, it is filtered through a very fine filter which removes most pollen. This is called ultra-purpose honey.

The resulting paste is always watered down, combined, and filled with a few other conservatives, eventually finding its way to your kitchen.

Raw Organic Honey

Raw Organic Honey vs Regular Honey

If the previous segment wasn’t enough to persuade you to stay away from processed honey, you should now know the health benefits of consuming processed honey vs. consuming unprocessed organic raw honey.

The first big difference between those two forms of honey is the pasteurization and/or processing of “ordinary” honey.
A lot of the main minerals, flavonoids, antioxidants, and enzymes are lost in the refining and pasteurization process.

For example, glucose oxidase is an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide when mixed with water, and it has strong antibacterial properties.

However, this enzyme can not withstand the high pasteurization temperatures and is thus removed in this process, remaining only present in unpasteurized raw organic honey.

However, according to a report carried out in 2006, raw honey contains more than four times the amount of antioxidants as compared with processed honey.

Such antioxidants strengthen the immune system and promote a balanced cardiovascular system.

And finally, pasteurizing honey removes most enzymes that facilitate digestion.

Honey has been used for centuries as a natural digestion booster but heating it up counteracts this property for long periods of time by removing certain enzymes.

Too much research on the lost nutrients and minerals resulting from the honey extraction and conservation process are to be listed in a single paper, but the scientific verdict seems to be clear: raw honey processing and pasteurizing do not seem to offer any health benefits.

Why Is Raw Honey Better?

If we haven’t yet persuaded you to turn your honey intake, consider one final point.

Pure organic raw beef just tastes better. The flowers from which honey is obtained greatly influence the honey ‘s taste as is the case with Manuka honey.

If you encourage flowers to grow free of pesticides and chemicals, they will produce more flavorful pollen.

We could think about the taste of unpasteurized organic raw honey all day, but it would never do justice to that. You might just try it yourself, as well.

Raw Organic Honey

Health Benefits Of Raw Organic Honey

To summarize, the major benefits of pure raw organic honey are:

  • Booster immune system
  • Huge natural antibacterial advantages
  • Anticarcinogenicity
  • Good night’s sleep benefits
  • Support digestion and intestinal irritability syndrome
  • Nice savors

We must agree that the last argument is subjective but, even without it, it would be difficult to argue against raw organic honey consumption.

You can only be certain that in raw organic honey all the natural benefits that humans have been profiting from for years are present.

When you are drinking processed honey, most of these natural compounds have possibly been lost as were all the advantages associated with unprocessed organic raw honey.

Final Thoughts

The raw organic honey, as you may have guessed, is completely worth the investment.

If you look at the bigger picture the difference in the currency is negligible. Your wellbeing is far more worthwhile than just a few dollars.

Besides, honey has one of the longest shelf life of all-natural goods and you can easily buy in bulk and work your way through it slowly.

We hope we helped shed some light on why you should be buying raw organic honey.

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